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FlannelJax’s Has Arrived and Is Celebrating National Paul Bunyan Day

FlannelJax’s Has Arrived and Is Celebrating National Paul Bunyan Day

Minnesota’s Newest Axe-Throwing and Recreational Sports Experience

(June 2018) St. Paul, Minn. – FlannelJax’s, St. Paul’s new, locally-owned and operated axe-throwing and timber sports space, is now open and ready for business. In anticipation of the forthcoming Grand Opening celebration, the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony on National Paul Bunyan Day, Thursday, June 28. The ceremony will take place at the store starting at 4 p.m. with light refreshments and networking with the owners and staff to follow. FlannelJax’s is located at 755 Prior Ave North, Suite 102, St. Paul, Minnesota 55104.

“Axe throwing is the perfect way to shake up your usual routine,” says Keith Beveridge, owner of FlannelJax’s. “We are thrilled to be opening our doors in St. Paul, because we know there is nothing quite like a night out with friends throwing axes and engaging in some friendly competition. It’s such a unique pastime, and we are very excited to share the axe-throwing and extreme sports experience with our community.”

In addition to being St. Paul’s newest hot spot for entertainment, FlannelJax’s hosts social events, extreme team building exercises and axe-throwing leagues. Guests can celebrate a birthday, bond with co-workers, similar to a dart or bowling league but EXTREME! All participants must be 18 years or older to throw. FlannelJax’s is currently planning a grand celebration for next month. For more details about FlannelJax’s and updates on grand opening plans, visit them on the online at FlannelJaxs.com or on Facebook @FlannelJaxsStPaul.

About FlannelJax’s

FlannelJax’s is Minnesota’s premier axe-throwing and recreational sports experience. Led by highly trained Lumberjacks and Lumberjills, guests can participate in a variety of axe related games. These activities include axe-throwing (aiming for targets 13 feet away), trump-the-stump (a race to hammer a nail into a stump using a hatchet) and crosscut sawing (a competition to partner-saw through a log the fastest). FlannelJax’s is the perfect place for corporate events and team building exercises, as well as celebrations of all kinds including birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, divorce parties and even baby or wedding showers. FlannelJax’s is extreme social fun!

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Fun Group Date Ideas

Fun Group Date Ideas

Attention couples in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area… Your prayers have been answered! If you’ve been desperately trying to find new, exciting and fun group date ideas – Axe Throwing at FlannelJax’s is the answer. We know it can be tricky to find a unique group date idea that isn’t the same old, same old.

Go to the movies?
There’s no chance to talk to your date.

How about bowling?
Been there, done that (and who wants to wear those loaner shoes).

There’s always mini putt?
Yeah that’s fun I suppose, but not exactly original.

Now, Axe Throwing? Bet you never considered that before.

At FlannelJax’s, our Axe Throwing experience is perfect for couples looking to hit the town and have some fun together. You’ll get to play a bunch of different and exciting competitions that always results in a ton of laughs and a few “holy $*#!” moments. And there’s plenty of opportunity for some trash talk between couples. It’s competitive, social, and a great way for couples to get to know each other better. Trust me, your significant other will appreciate the ice breaker if they’re meeting your friends for the first time.

And if you’re not really the competitive type, at FlannelJax’s there are a variety of different games for every skill level. From being the first to reach 30 points to Tic Tac Toe with axes, our Lumberjack or Lumberjill will select a game so everyone can have a great time!

For new or long-term couples, Axe Throwing is definitely a fun group date idea you have to try. So why not book a session now!

FlannelJax’s is located at 755 Prior Ave North, Suite 102, right near BlackStack Brewing, Can Can Wonderland, St. Paul Station, and sandwiched in between the University of Minnesota, Hamline University and Concordia University, St. Paul. You can book your session online or by calling (612) 268-4800.

The Best Team Building Activities

The Best Team Building Activities

Teams with a strong bond are typically more efficient, effective, and – of course – happier. And when teams work better together it means better results. But you already know team building is important (probably why you’re looking for some good team building activities). So the big question is… What can you do to build a great team? Well, at FlannelJax’s we can help you with some of the best team building activities that are fun, competitive, and designed to get your team working together.

One of the best team building activities we offer is Axe Throwing. Now, I know what you might be thinking; “How does throwing an axe help with team building?” Well you must never have been axe throwing at FlannelJax’s before. We have a variety of team games that get everyone involved. A dedicated Lumberjack or Lumberjill will work with your team to organize each game and will help get your group working together with a little friendly competition thrown into the mix.

Axe throwing is no ordinary challenge, and we see teams breaking the ice all the time by cheering each other on, offering tips and encouragement. It’s a thrill to throw and axe and a ton of fun to see your teammates nailing a bullseye. With several different team challenges to try out, you’ll see your team start to work together better, and even throw out a little friendly trash talk which always helps to get everyone’s competitive juices flowing. It’s a great team building experience that can really bring people out of their shell.

At FlannelJax’s we’ve found time and time again that axe throwing is one of the best team building activities – and we have a way of getting teams working together and having fun.

But FlannelJax’s is more than just axe throwing. We offer other competitive team games like Crosscut Sawing, where you work with a partner to cut through a log as fast as you can. It sounds easy, but getting the right rhythm down and working together with your partner takes a lot of teamwork. Our newest Lumberjack challenge – log rolling – is also a great team building experience. Pairing people up and having them work together to stay on a rolling log is one of the most unique team building events you can find. Your group will have as much fun trying to stay on the log as they will watching other members of your team try to do the same.

If you’re looking for some of the most unique and best team building activities in St. Paul, you have to check out FlannelJax’s. You can book your session online or by calling us today at (612) 268-4800. For groups of 25 or more, call our Events Specialist at (612) 280-2783 to learn more about customizing an event for your group.

Go Axe Throwing In St. Paul at the New FlannelJax’s

St. Paul just got a little more exciting!

FlannelJax’s, Minnesota’s premier axe throwing and recreational sports experience, has opened in St. Paul, Minnesota! At this brand new, rustic venue you and your group can toss axes like a real Minnesota lumberjack (just like your hero and mine, Paul Bunyan).

If you’ve never been axe throwing before, you just don’t know what you’re missing. It’s an incredible rush to toss an axe end-over-end and hear that THWACK as it splits the target. And first-timers don’t need to worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. At FlannelJax’s you have a dedicated Lumberjack or Lumberjill to coach you, teach you all of our fun games, and make sure you and your group are having an axe-ellent time (you had to expect at least one axe pun; axe-cuse me if it was cheesy 😉 ).

But FlannelJax’s St. Paul is more than just axe throwing. You can also take part in a variety of other unique, fun lumber sports, including Crosscut Sawing, Thump the Stump, and Log Rolling. All of these games – in addition to axe throwing – are available at our St. Paul location. It makes for an exciting, competitive experience perfect for a group of friends or coworkers. You’ll be talking about it long after you’ve left… Trust us.

At FlannelJax’s we also offer snacks and drinks, and we are working on getting our license to serve so your group can enjoy our games with a cold beer or glass of wine. You can also order in food for your group or have your event catered.

If you’re looking for something new and fun to do in St. Paul, you have to try axe throwing at FlannelJax’s.

FlannelJax’s is located at 755 Prior Ave North, Suite 102, right near BlackStack Brewing, Can Can Wonderland, St. Paul Station, and sandwiched in between the University of Minnesota, Hamline University and Concordia University, St. Paul. You can book your session online or by calling (612) 268-4800.