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The Best Team Building Activities

The Best Team Building Activities

Teams with a strong bond are typically more efficient, effective, and – of course – happier. And when teams work better together it means better results. But you already know team building is important (probably why you’re looking for some good team building activities). So the big question is… What can you do to build a great team? Well, at FlannelJax’s we can help you with some of the best team building activities that are fun, competitive, and designed to get your team working together.

One of the best team building activities we offer is Axe Throwing. Now, I know what you might be thinking; “How does throwing an axe help with team building?” Well you must never have been axe throwing at FlannelJax’s before. We have a variety of team games that get everyone involved. A dedicated Lumberjack or Lumberjill will work with your team to organize each game and will help get your group working together with a little friendly competition thrown into the mix.

Axe throwing is no ordinary challenge, and we see teams breaking the ice all the time by cheering each other on, offering tips and encouragement. It’s a thrill to throw and axe and a ton of fun to see your teammates nailing a bullseye. With several different team challenges to try out, you’ll see your team start to work together better, and even throw out a little friendly trash talk which always helps to get everyone’s competitive juices flowing. It’s a great team building experience that can really bring people out of their shell.

At FlannelJax’s we’ve found time and time again that axe throwing is one of the best team building activities – and we have a way of getting teams working together and having fun.

But FlannelJax’s is more than just axe throwing. We offer other competitive team games like Crosscut Sawing, where you work with a partner to cut through a log as fast as you can. It sounds easy, but getting the right rhythm down and working together with your partner takes a lot of teamwork. Our newest Lumberjack challenge – log rolling – is also a great team building experience. Pairing people up and having them work together to stay on a rolling log is one of the most unique team building events you can find. Your group will have as much fun trying to stay on the log as they will watching other members of your team try to do the same.

If you’re looking for some of the most unique and best team building activities in St. Paul, you have to check out FlannelJax’s. You can book your session online or by calling us today at (612) 268-4800. For groups of 25 or more, call our Events Specialist at (612) 280-2783 to learn more about customizing an event for your group.